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The Dweores

So let's have a conversation about thingifying! Actually, since this is a blog, it will be less of a conversation, and more of a monologue wherein we at Thingify get to talk about things that excite us.  Of course, this includes the art of thingifying.

So let's talk about one of the nifty projects we worked on (relatively) recently.

Do you guys do bots?  What about cute little ones like this?  When John Ottinger sent us the picture of his thingified bot all prettied up with a new layer of paint, well...  The office may have let out a collective squeal for the cuteness.

Ok, granted, we didn’t do the painting.  All that credit goes to John for his marvelous brush work.  He made working with him quite easy, and his finished product was definitely something for us to get excited over.

While it would have been a lot of fun to collaborate with him from the beginning, he came to us with his homework done.  He had a model all set up and ready for us to use, so our main job was to thingify it.  After verifying the model, we sent it off to the printer for him.  Seriously, working with him was a blast, especially since he was candid with us about his inspiration for the bot.  It helped that we were so curious.  One of our first questions after taking on the project involved asking “Where did it come from?” and “Why is it so cute?!”

Necessary questions for us, of course.  How else would we satisfy our insatiable curiosity?

Luckily, John was ready and willing to answer our questions.  It turns out that John is in the middle of an interesting project, bigger than the one bot we thingified for him.  Over the course of his daily commute (home to work), he’s created a world of machines.  Every day he draws a new bot in this world and, with the help of his daughter, he’s begun collating them into mini-stories.  Eventually he will be putting them all together into a book!  Luckily, he decided to share a few pages with us.  (SNEAK PEAK!)


If you all think these pages are adorable, well, he has already launched a Kickstarter to make the artbook a reality. I’m sure you guys are as thrilled by his art as we are, so please back his project. We already have! 



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