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It's been a while 3D printing peeps.

A-lot has happened in the last year and half in 3D printing.
We have seen some pretty amazing advances in medicine, arts and 3d printing in general. One of my personal favorite occurrences that happened this year is when a 6 year old boy from Florida was given a life changing 3D printed prosthetic arm. 
The 3D printing industry seems to be growing everyday with no prospects 

Here at Thingify we have been mighty busy. With conventions and overall business dealings. One of the most exciting projects we are doing is a collaboration with the very talented artist Cedric Seaut. You should check out his online portfolio here Specifically here at Thingify we are working to bring his beautifully designed go|ne universe to life. Pics to be posted soon.

So with that till next time and don't forget to do what you can to make your 'Think to Thing' in order to make the world a better place.



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